Erasmus+ Hosting partner

 ERASMUS+ Hosting Partner


Our principal services in Prato, Florence and Pisa: 

- Transfer from/to airport

- Accommodation in the centre of the city 

- Meals (half-board or full-board) 

- Local transports 

- Linguistic and cultural preparation 

- Placement in companies, according to the professional profile of the beneficiaries or education background 

- Permanent follow-up / tutoring and monitoring

- Certification and validation of skills.

Our PIC number: 949041308



Prato is located in the high central area of Tuscany and is the second largest city of the region, after Florence, in terms of population. The Prato area has been closely tied to the textile trade for many centuries, its roots dating back to the middle Ages when local wool artisans began to specialize in the production of fabric and clothing. Famous for its textile industry, the city has a population of 250,000 in habitants. Prato has a rich historical and artistic patrimony, including a mid-13th century castle built by the Hohenstaufen Emperors, almost perfectly preserved medieval walls which enclose the ancient city centre, a Romanesque cum Gothic cathedral dedicated to Santo Stefano with an external pulpit by Donatello and Michelozzo, the church of Santa Maria delle Carceri by Giuliano da Sangallo, and the well preserved Palazzo Datini, the late 14th century home of the famous 'Merchant of Prato', Francesco Datini. The city is also home to the prestigious Contemporary Art Centre 'Luigi Pecci' and to many theatres, including the highly acclaimed avant-garde Metastasio Theatre. Yet to be transformed by mass tourism, Prato provides a perfect environment for immersion in Italian language and culture. Its  major sights are predominantly located with the town's medieval walls and in easy walking distance of the Monash Centre.The Province of Prato embraces some magnificent countryside, which is well worth visiting. South of Prato lie the towns of ArtiminoPoggio a Caiano (with its famous Medici Villa), and Carmignano, an area famous for the production of DOC and DOCG wines and extra virgin olive oil. To the north there are the picturesque mountain towns of Vaiano and Vernio. The Prato Tourist Bureau can also provide information on archaeological, walking. Prato is regularly connected by train to Florence (15 mins), Pistoia (20 mins), Pisa (1.5hrs), Lucca (1 hour) and Versilia (1.5hrs).



The participants will be accommodated in apartments with single or double rooms and however there is the opportunity to share the apartment with participants coming from other countries in order to improve the cultural and social exchange. All apartments are equipped with kitchen and kitchen utensils, washing machine a large fridge, table, chairs and bathroom with shower. The apartments are located in the center of the city, near FORMALL office, the language school and a lot of company partners. Besides the area is served by an urban and extra urban public bus service and every other comfort.


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